Hug Pet Food Cold Pressed Chicken Comfort ( 2kg )


Hydrolysed chicken is a big deal. It’s chicken protein that’s partially digested by enzymes (using natural methods), making it unrecognisable to the immune system. This enables pooches with serious protein intolerances to safely tuck in like every other canine. Pretty amazing, right?

Raw dog food isn’t always the right fit for canines. Hug cold pressed grain-free food is a great alternative. Our premium cold pressed dog food is complete and can provide all the benefits of a natural, nutritionally balanced diet when fed on its own. Alternatively, it can act as a great accompaniment to raw feeding.

The cold pressing method naturally locks in the nutritional value and flavour, making for tasty meals that are easy to digest. Standard dry pet food is produced at high temperatures and includes high levels of cheap cereals. Our cold pressed dog food is produced at low temperatures, and only puts to work top-notch, natural ingredients that support long-term canine health.

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Chicken ingredients (ground dried poultry protein, free range chicken protein, free range egg (dry), free range eggshell) 34%, potato porridge, rice porridge, rapeseed oil, beet (dry and de-sugared), ground krill protein 1.5%, pumpkin (dry), oat porridge, cranberry, seaweed, prebiotics: mannanOligoSaccharides (MOS) fructoOligoSaccharides (FOS), DL methionine, inulin, chicory, rosemary extract, chamomile, L tryptophan, lavender, sage

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