Here is our short guide including some important information to consider, when feeding your dog.

Perfect for beginners, or your first pet.

Surprisingly, dogs eat less than you might think when fed a raw diet.

They are eating a highly nutritious meal where everything is utilised, so your dog will feel full for longer. Increase meals if your dog is underweight. Tripe is a great meat to feed for putting on bulk and muscle.

Dogs- 2-3% of their ideal bodyweight.

Puppy Feeding Guide

0-4   months 8% – 10% of puppies body weight
4- 6  months: 6 – 8%
6- 9  months: 4 – 6%
9-12 months 3 – 4%
12 +  months 2 – 3%

Firstly, dogs should not be overweight as it not only shortens their life but can also lead to all manner of illnesses, such as Diabetes, hip and joint problems and many more.

Your dog should show a clearly defined waist, where you should be able to feel the ribs but not see them. If you cannot feel individual ribs, your dog is overweight. If rib and hip bones are prominent then your dog is underweight.

Food Ratio:
70-80% muscle meat
10-20% raw bone
10% organ meat

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