Wolf Tucker Sprats & Tripe Meal (500g)



Wolf Tucker is dedicated to producing nutritious and attractive meals for your dog. This oily fish meal is ideal for adult dogs and puppies. Containing white fish, tripe and sprats this meal provides a wide range of nutrients including Omega 3 fatty acids, B12, Selenium and Vitamin D. It also contains natural digestive enzymes and natural probiotics provided by the green tripe. We also include our fresh vegetables and fruit plus our cold pressed flax oil and organic sea kelp. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Easy on the digestive system. BARF Ingredients 60% Beef Tripe, 30% Sprats, 10% Fruit & Vegetables (Parsley, Broccoli, Carrot, Apple), Flax Oil and Seagreens Kelp. Typical Analysis (g/100g) Moisture: 78.9% Protein: 16.3% Fat: 6.0% Ash: 1.8% Crude Fibre: <1%