Wolf Tucker Chicken & Tripe Meal 500g also suitable for puppies


As with all of foods, only made with DEFRA approved, farm assured raw ingredients. This variation of our chicken meal, with added Green Tripe and additional Parsley to provide Vitamin C. A lighter meal ideal for dogs who need to lose weight.

Vitamin C boosts your dog’s immune system, meaning no calling in sick on a work day! We have chosen to add extra Parsley to our working dog meals, in fact 50% extra! This is a very special ingredient, packed full of Vitamin C! Another great source of Vitamin C is broccoli, which we have also increased in this range. This means we have avoided adding processed Vitamin C – it’s much better the natural way. Working dog food.

A complete, nutritious and balanced raw dog food.


Ingredients 60% Chicken & Bone, 30% Tripe, 10% Fruit & Vegetables (Apples, Carrot, Broccoli, Parsley), Flax Oil and Seagreens Kelp. Analysis (g / 100g) Moisture: 70.5 Protein: 15.2 Fat: 10.3 Ash: 2.5 Crude Fibre: 0.5 167 Kcal/100g