PRTC ~ Sardines 1kg


The omega-3s in sardines help prevent canine cancer. They are also known to reduce inflammation and help support a strong immune system. Amongst their other benefits, they help maintain brain function and maintain a healthy heart.They also enhance a dog’s coat and skin as well as helping to prevent or at least reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

The sardine’s diminutive stature has further benefits for our dogs. They live shorter lives so they ingest far less mercury than larger fish. This makes them a far healthier option than most other fish in the sea. Perfectly formed, sardines are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids. Both DHA and EPA. They’re also high in vitamins B3, B12 and D. Not only that, they are also a good source of selenium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, copper and choline. Sardines offer so many health benefits, they’re arguably the very best fish you can feed your dog.

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